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Attn: Department of Puzzle Fun

Our Escape Rooms are the perfect idea for your next party or team event. Instead of the same standard events, we offer companies, departments and colleagues exciting puzzle adventures with guaranteed thrills. Only those who work as a team and demonstrate cohesion can master our tricky missions.

You would like to welcome your team with a welcome drink and let the evening end comfortably after your puzzle fun? No problem, just talk to us! Whether refreshing drinks or culinary snacks, we will satisfy (almost) every one of your wishes!

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Escape Games as a team event

An Escape Room offers a fun and challenging adventure that is ideal as a team event. Behind a locked door, your team has 60 minutes to complete a mission and solve tricky puzzles. Strategic thinking, logic, creativity and above all team spirit are required here, because only those who work together can successfully complete the mission in the end.

Escape rooms as team events have become increasingly popular in recent years, because they not only offer exciting entertainment, but also promote cooperation, combination skills as well as logical thinking.

Whether a mysterious criminal case or an exciting adventure in outer space, TeamEscape offers an exciting Escape Game for every team event.

Online Escape Games for a virtual team event

In times of home office and digitalization, it is often difficult to promote team building and organize joint events. However, a virtual team event is an exciting alternative to an on-site event.

TeamEscape has therefore developed innovative online Escape Rooms for you. This is a digital implementation of classic Escape Rooms, which set you before an exciting challenge and offer immersive puzzle fun. Also in an online Escape Game it is necessary to use the strengths of each participant and to prove logical thinking, observation skills and communication skills.

All you need is a laptop or PC with Internet access and you can connect digitally and experience a unique team event together. Our Online Escape Games are suitable for meetings, video conferences, Christmas parties and virtual company celebrations, among others.

City Adventures in Cologne

You prefer to celebrate your team event in the fresh air? Our City Adventures in Cologne offer you unforgettable outdoor adventures. In small teams you discover Cologne in a playful way and face varied challenges that put your team’s strengths to the test. You will be equipped with an Ipad and will have to navigate to unknown locations.

Our City Adventures are also suitable for team events with large groups. In our team rally, larger groups are divided into several teams, which then compete against each other. We are happy to tailor the route points and duration of the event to your needs.

Book your unique team event

You want to strengthen the cohesion and community spirit of your employees with a team event? You want to integrate new colleagues into the team or promote the motivation of your team?

Whether indoor or outdoor event, at TeamEscape you will find suitable ideas for an unforgettable team event in Cologne. We will help you to create the right team event for you and will gladly take care of your individual wishes.