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Escape Rooms in Cologne are a unique experience for outings with friends or family, birthdays, bachelor parties, company outings and many other occasions. Experience an unforgettable time with a lot of fun in your TeamEscape Escape Room.

Stories of a treasure hunter

60 min


3-6 players


How about this?

Our rooms

Your great adventure!

Imagine you are in one of our Escape Rooms in Cologne. Suddenly the door closes and a clock starts ticking…. Discover hidden clues, find solutions together, prove your dexterity and let the grey cells work at full speed – with one goal: escape from your Escape Room within 60 minutes!

As soon as the door closes behind you, it’s important not to waste any time. Turn everything upside down and find the first clues…
Put together what you have found and share. The better you work together, the faster you’ll be on the right track.
Crack the puzzles and unravel the mystery of the room. Do you have to think around corners or is the simple solution the right one? It remains exciting!
60 minutes
Tick tock. Time runs inexorably against you and passes faster than you think. But don’t worry if you get stuck: Our gamemasters will get you back on track.


No riddles, only clear answers

In an Escape Room, you and your fellow players are “locked” in a room from which you free yourself within 60 minutes by solving puzzles and cleverly combining clues. If you haven’t solved the puzzle within this time, the game will still end and you will learn the solution afterwards.

Clicking the “Book” button opens a calendar view. Here you can find all dates of our Escape Rooms in Cologne. Find a suitable date and book yourself into the Escape Room.

You have the option to pay with PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

The number of participants in Escape Rooms varies from room to room. More detailed information can be found in the individual Escape Rooms.

Our Escape Rooms have a pure playing time of 60 minutes. With pre-game briefing and post-game cheering and souvenir photo, be with us in about 75 minutes.

Our Escape Rooms do not have a specific age rating. Young people under the age of 14 can also play the rooms on their own if they are brought to the venue by an adult accompanying them. Together with their parents or an accompanying adult, even younger children can solve the exciting rooms. Our missions are designed so that all ages can play together without difficulty. Different strengths are required for the various puzzles, so that sometimes the younger ones have an advantage…

Exceptions in the age restriction is the Escape Room “Hour of Horror“. This is recommended for ages 16 and up.

Our Escape Rooms are playable in English and German. Both the pre- and post-talk and the puzzles are available in German and English.

Our Escape Rooms are very popular and usually booked several weeks in advance. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to play an Escape Room directly if you drop by spontaneously.

If you spontaneously get the urge for tricky puzzles, just call our Escape Room Cologne location and inquire about a short-term appointment. 

You can usually change the number of people or even the day later. Please let the Escape Room Cologne know in time by phone, email or on site. But make sure that the minimum or maximum number of people of your booked mission is respected. The price will then be adjusted to the actual number of participants and booking time.

Free cancellation possible until 1 week before the event. If up to 24 hours notice is given, a 25 Euro cancellation fee will be charged.

No, our Escape Rooms are not locked during the game.

Solve the puzzles to escape from the Escape Rooms Cologne!

Start the adventure in one of our six Escape Rooms in Cologne. Together with friends, family or colleagues you have to solve the puzzles in 60 minutes to leave the Escape Room. Convict a serial killer in the new room “By a Thread” or solve a mysterious murder in “Sweet Revenge”.

Fun, games and detective work in the Escape Room Cologne

You like special adventures, puzzle fun and excitement? Then the Escape Rooms Cologne are just the right thing. You have 60 minutes to escape from the room. As a team, you’ll work out solutions, find clues, and demonstrate dexterity and thinking skills.

After a short personal introduction, the joint adventure begins. Once the door is closed, time races. Then you’ll have to search the rooms, analyze and combine clues, open locks or find codes to complete your mission in the end. What happens is always monitored by the game master, so that he can give helpful tips in case of emergency.

Our Escape Games in Cologne offer different themes and difficulty levels, so there is something for every age group.

Nine exciting Escape Rooms are waiting for you in Cologne

At our location in Cologne, you can choose between five different Escape Rooms and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test. Each Escape Room convinces with a lovingly furnished and detailed scenery, so that you can completely immerse yourself in another world and forget everyday life.

Decide whether you’ll break out of a high-security prison, join forces to overthrow a president, become master thieves, or enter the mind of a scientist. Horror fans can even investigate an abandoned cabin as journalists inHour of Horror. Each of our Escape Rooms tells its own story. Due to the variety of rooms we have the right Escape Games for every age. Optionally, the games can also be held in English.

Can you find all the solutions and complete your mission within 60 minutes? Book one of our Escape Rooms in Cologne and let us surprise you!

Guarantees by TeamEscape
  • Easy booking in just a few minutes
  • Change bookings at any time free of charge
  • Free cancelling up until 2 days in advance
  • No hidden costs or fees
Still got questions?

Frequently asked questions get answered here. Your question isn't among them? We're glad to help you out and are reachable every day.
0221 6430 6742

Playing hours
Mon. – Thu. from 15:30 to 21:15 Uhr
Fri. – Sun. from 10:30 to 23:15 Uhr

Escape rooms for events and corporate parties

Are you still looking for an innovative idea for your company Christmas party or corporate event?

Escape rooms not only promote teamwork, but above all communication within the team. An Escape Game is therefore ideal as a teambuilding activity. Thanks to our Mobile Escape Games, we can even come directly to your company, whether in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Use our Escape Rooms Cologne to strengthen the team spirit or simply to have fun together. We guarantee you an exciting adventure!

For unusual birthdays and bachelor parties

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular, whether as a special event or simply as a break from everyday life. Face our challenges together as a team and prove ambition, team spirit and cohesion.

Since the games delight young and old alike, they are especially suitable as a gift for birthdays, weddings or as a bachelor party. If you are still looking for an unusual gift, you can give your friends or family a great pleasure with a gift certificate for a game in the Escape Room Cologne. The birthday boy/girl or the groom/bride can even play in the Escape Room for free.