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- the action packed real life escape game

Enter an Escape Room full of secrets and puzzles and let TeamEscape take you to another world.

Stories and rooms similar to those from a detective novel by famous writer James Ellroy or as depicted in an Escape Adventure Game like Rusty Lake also want to lure you into such a world.

Immerse yourself in one of our adventures at TeamEscape, rummage through an Escape Room for codes or clues and use whatever is available in the room to solve the puzzle and make your escape from the Escape Room.

Don’t let them put you in this world alone. Assemble a team of friends, colleagues or family to join you on this action-packed, tricky and mysterious journey.

A prison, a journalist’s office, or yet what looks like a bar with a murder case, make an Escape Room tell a fascinating story every time.

You in the Exit Game Team game

How would you feel about being integrated into such a story yourself?

Live Escape Game VS Exit Game on Computer

Unlike escape computer games, where you also have to solve puzzles to get out of a room, the premises of TeamEscape offer not only the cognitive, but also the haptic senses their development.

The major differences of these two types of exit games are listed in the following table:


You and your team represent the main characters -.>
grow together

Solving the challenges with your own hands (exit the room physically present)

real and impressive Escape Rooms

Interact with other team members in a Live Escape Game -> Fun together


You alone represent the main character

Solve the puzzles by clicking the computer mouse or touching the touch screen

You are in a virtual Room Escape fantasy world

Fixation to your computer, tablet or cell phone

So what are you waiting for?

In the Exit Game, as the name suggests, you have to work your way out. The prerequisites to succeed in the Exit Game are that you have a healthy amount of creativity and can skillfully combine things.

Grab your team and solve an Escape Room from TeamEscape!