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The Live Escape Game as a leisure activity

You want to experience something new and not just spend your time with Netflix on the couch in the evening? You want to have an unforgettable experience with your friends? Your boss needs to be inspired for a team event?

Then suggest a trip to TeamEscape to your friends or colleagues. The leisure trend Live Escape Game is the perfect way to escape from everyday life.

How does a Live Escape Game work?

The many puzzles in a Live Escape Game require a lot of patience, skill and brains as well as working together as a team. This can clear the mind of work stress and take people’s minds off things for sixty minutes and beyond. Managing an Escape Room with work colleagues can, among other things, also create a better relationship among employees and improve working life as a team after this Live Escape Game.

Before the game starts, your team will be welcomed and briefed on the Escape Room.

The rules are explained and the story of the explicit exit game room is told:

  • Where is the team located?
  • How did one get into the position?
  • What are the clues and clues for this Live Escape Game?
  • What is the goal is to escape?

Here you have to pay close attention!

After this is done, the team is locked in the selected Live Escape Game room and sent on the puzzle journey. Now it is up to the team itself, with which procedures the Live Escape Game is mastered. Step by step, puzzle by puzzle, you approach the goal.
Once all the obstacles are overcome and solved, the last code can be used to open the door to the exit. Time stops at this point or after sixty minutes, because these are the time limit of a Live Escape Game.

After the Live Escape Game

A souvenir photo is taken of the successful puzzle-solving team after the exit game, so that these glorious “under sixty” minutes are not lost.

Do you also want to be on such a photo and proudly show that you could escape from the Escape Room, then tell the principle of Escape Games to your friends and colleagues, book a room and solve one of our cases together. You will be so thrilled that you will come back again.