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Where can I find the TeamEscape exit game rooms?

Eighteen different Exit Game stories are told at TeamEscape game locations in Kuwait, Oslo and at many locations in Germany. Each TeamEscape location does not offer all exit game stories.

In the “Select city” tab, you can get an overview and select the exit game you want. You can even plan a stay in the respective city. For a spontaneous exit game it is possible to look for a free room via our homepage and get information about the rooms and their history.

You can buy tickets for an Escape Room from the comfort of your own home. These will be emailed to you to print for your Exit Game experience. Information about other attractions at other Exit Game locations or a suitable hotel to stay in can also be found on the website by selecting the desired city and the menu item “Insider Tips”. This can be very useful, for example, to make a whole weekend an experience.

Here is a small overview of the Exit Game game rooms

All rooms differ from each other because there are different puzzles and different props that make the environment so fascinating during the Escape Game.

  • Mystery Room

  • Freaky horror

  • The cell

  • Secret Service

  • The kidnapping

  • The blood diamonds

What is the Exit Game Mission?

Imagine being locked in a room. However, one leaves tasks in the room for you to solve in order to escape the room. You are completely on your own for this, with your team of course.

What is the goal of the...

In the Exit Game, as the name suggests, you have to work your way out. The prerequisites to succeed in the Exit Game are that you have a healthy amount of creativity and can skillfully combine things.


What else should be considered in the Exit Game?

Most of the time we wear it on our wrist, the watch! The biggest obstacle, in addition to the refined tasks, is time. You have only 60 minutes to escape the room, which means that you not only have to show creativity, but you also have to act smart and fast in given time constraints.

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