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The story
of the escape games

Anyone who has tried Room Escape Games knows how satisfying it can be when all the puzzles and problems have been solved at the end and the maze has thus been successfully completed.

But also during the game gives you the feeling of becoming more motivated from task to task, so that you can leave the Room Escape Games with a winning smile at the end. Room Escape Games are an extraordinary leisure activity that gives players the feeling of diving into a completely new world. Fun, teamwork and interesting puzzles are the focus.

Team spirit and creativity

Room Escape Games only work when teams communicate and work together, because that’s a big part of the fun of the game. Solving problems alone may often be necessary in life and beneficial for personal development, but in most cases it is clearly more effective and above all more entertaining to solve problems in a community.

Exit Games focus on team spirit, because the game can ultimately only be mastered as a team. In the Escape Room are hidden numerous elements that can be solved only by combinations of several puzzle pieces. This also leads to the fact that teams grow stronger and stronger together after each mastered task, which predestines Room Escape Games also for teambuilding measures of companies. In principle, escape games can be solved by anyone and require skill, creativity and teamwork.

Many terms.

The term Room Escape Games is just one of many that describe this genre and they all mean the same thing: escape from a puzzle room with a team within 60 minutes.

  • Room Escape Games
  • Escape Rooms
  • Live Escape Games
  • Exit Rooms
  • Real Escape Game
  • Escape games
  • Exit Games
  • Escape Games
  • Live Action Games
  • Real Action Games
  • Escape Room Games
  • Escape The Room Games
  • Exit The Room Games
  • Live Rooms
  • Adventure Rooms

..a concept

Welcome change

Room Escape Games offer the opportunity to experience a new and varied adventure away from everyday life, without having to put yourself in danger. In the Room Escape Games you become the protagonist in the story, which for a short moment becomes your reality. In contrast to movies and books, in TeamEscape you are right in the middle of the action and change the story with your powers of deduction together as a team.