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The story
of the escape games

The genre “escape games” comes in two different variations: on the one hand, as a computer game in a rousing story or, more recently, as live escape games where you are the main character. But where did the idea for escape games actually come from?

For that, we have to go back in time a bit.

In 1983, the world’s first point-and-click game called Planet Memphis appeared on the market, developed by Japanese Eiji Yokoyama and published by T & E Software. This game is considered to have paved the way for many other computer games, especially escape games.

The first escape game appeared in 1988 called “Behind-Closed-Doors” by John Wilson. In this exit game the player is in a toilet and has to escape from it. Despite previously released games with a graphical user interface, this Exit The Room Game is a purely text-based game.

Since the year 2007 also real escape games exist

Real Escape Games have taken a lot of things from the previous computer games and were inspired by them – they additionally create more possibilities for the player by adding more dimensions.

This inspiration was also shared by Takao Kayto, who developed the first live escape games. Takao Kayto often asked himself why life did not contain such interesting stories and events as it is presented in books. He put his thoughts into action and created his Escape Rooms with his own adventures and composite stories.

Room Escape Games today

Nowadays there are real escape games in fifty countries and two hundred and eighty cities worldwide.

People don’t want to just sit around and watch interesting experiences from other people anymore, they want to experience them for themselves, and that’s what makes escape games so interesting to gamers right now:

Man himself is the main character!

When do you decide to take the Challenge?

Book an Escape Room near you now and be that main character yourself – as a team with your friends, relatives or work colleagues, of course. You can also surprise your friends and buy a gift certificate from us. Be the conqueror of everyday life and solve our puzzles!