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Mit unseren Gutscheinen kannst du ganz flexibel sein - entweder als Geschenk oder für dich selbst. Die Gutscheine sind 3 Jahre gültig, flexibel einsetzbar und auf andere Personen übertragbar.

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Whether bachelor party, company party, team building or class trip in Cologne, we have the right package for every occasion.

For companies

Perfect for companies

Team events

A joint team event is the ideal opportunity to get to know colleagues outside the office for a change and thus strengthen team spirit. In addition, you can use a team event to tap new potential, motivate team members and familiarize new colleagues, thus integrating them better into the team.

TeamEscape’s voucheris not only an appreciation for employees, but also offers the perspective of your team doing something together and growing together (again).

Perfect for companies


Perfect for companies

Black Stories Cologne Package

The somewhat different team event – puzzle tour and Escape Room combined for double the puzzle fun!

Starting this year, Christmas parties will take place differently than usual – digitally, yet together! With our virtual online Escape Game Challenge you strengthen the team spirit despite your home office and enter into a common dialogue. Make your Christmas party a real highlight!

Perfect for companies

Virtual Christmas Parties

Perfect for companies

Virtual team events & corporate parties

The next online meeting from the home office is coming up and you are still looking for a digital team event? Dive into a new exciting digital world with your teams and our Online Escape Games to promote team building and communication. With our Online Escape Games, we turn your video conference into an extraordinary team event!

For large groups

Perfect for large groups


You are looking for ideas for a unique birthday experience in Cologne or want to surprise a very special person? An Escape Room or a City Adventure at TeamEscape® promises excitement, fun and celebration.

TeamEscape is coming to you now. Whether it’s a company party or a private celebration, TeamEscape’s Cube Challenge will enhance any event.

Perfect for groose groups

Cube Challenge

For kids

Perfect for kids

School classes & youth groups

You want to escape the daily school routine? Live Escape Games in Cologne offer a unique experience for a hiking day, class projects or teacher excursions and at the same time promote important key skills.

Escape rooms and City Adventures for any occasion

Whether as a birthday party, team celebration, bachelor party or Christmas party, the Escape Rooms and City Adventures of TeamEscape can be flexibly adapted to any event and inspire all age groups.

Solve exciting puzzles together with colleagues, give someone a special surprise for their birthday or use our games as an innovative marketing tool. With our fun outdoor and indoor events, anything is possible.

Team building through Escape Rooms and City Adventures

Are you planning a special kind of team event or would you like to promote cooperation in your team? TeamEscape offers the solution in the form of interactive City Adventures through Cologne as well as exciting Escape Rooms.

During a scavenger hunt through Cologne or while solving tricky puzzles in an Escape Room, team spirit, logical thinking skills and inventiveness are promoted in a playful way. We also offer some of our games in battle mode, so that several teams can compete against each other and prove their skills.

Here, too, teamwork and creativity must be demonstrated. With our mobile Escape Roomsyou create a unique event that will remain in the memory of your guests for a long time.

Experience an exciting team event with TeamEscape, whether as a company party, company outing or as part of professional team coaching.

For families, school classes and children

Our Escape Rooms and City Adventures not only offer pure fun, action and excitement, but are also educationally valuable. That’s why the games are especially popular with children, because they promote important skills such as teamwork and communication in an exciting way.

A City Adventure or an Escape Room should not be missing on any class trip to Cologne. Here, each child can contribute their individual strengths and demonstrate their own ingenuity under time pressure.

Birthday parties and bachelor parties of a special kind

You are still looking for unusual ideas for a bachelorette party or want to give someone a special treat for their birthday? With our outdoor and indoor adventures, every celebration becomes a highlight. Fun and excitement are guaranteed thanks to varied puzzles. How about a City Adventure through Cologne, for example, where you explore the city equipped with an iPad? Or one of our five Escape Rooms, which provide entertainment and excitement even in bad weather.

Bride/groom and the birthday child even play for free.