Reveals secrets instead of classrooms

A group of students held in a room for 60 minutes and trying everything to escape early – Sounds like the last lesson before school ends!

If this sounds familiar to you, then you are already well prepared to try your hand at our Escape Rooms. Solve our puzzles and complete your mission.
It also makes pedagogical sense: you can only reach your goal with brains, ideas and teamwork.

For school classes, training or student groups from Mon – Fri on request.

Are you ready?

Your adventure starts here…

Top Secret Documents
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No riddles, only clear answers

The time depends on which experience you book with us. If you choose an Escape Room, the pure playing time is 60 minutes. However, if you are interested in a city rally, plan on 90-120 minutes for the game, depending on the city rally. Online Escape Games also take about 90-120 minutes. The Online Escape Game Challenge offers you 90 minutes of entertainment. As you can see we have something for every taste.

The cost varies depending on the booking. It depends on which experience with how many people you choose. Our Escape Rooms are available for 26€ per person. The city rallies are available from €17.50 per person. The prices for the online Escape Games can be found on the website and they can be played by up to 6 people in a group. Berlin Loot – our online Escape Game Challenge, led by a game master, offers the possibility for you to compete against each other in groups. So there the price for 5-20 people starts from 348 €. The dates can be scheduled individually.