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A bachelor party is not something you celebrate every day. Therefore, this day should be a special highlight for the bride/groom. If you are still looking for an extraordinary idea for the JGA in Kaiserslautern, we have the perfect solution for you. We offer you varied indoor and outdoor activities for large and small groups.

Celebrate the last unbound hours with an interactive City Adventure in the fresh air or in an exciting Escape Room full of tricky puzzles. No matter what you choose, TeamEscape promises you a unique experience for your bachelor party in Kaiserslautern. The bride or groom even plays along for free.

Please note: The offer is valid from 6 people.

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The length of the bachelor party with us depends on which experience you book with us. If you choose an Escape Room, the pure playing time is 60 minutes. However, if you are interested in a City Adventureplan 90-120 minutes for the game, depending on the City Adventureally. As you can see we have something for every taste.

The cost varies depending on the booking. It depends on which experience with how many people you choose. You can get our Escape Rooms for as little as 17 € per person. The City Adventures are already available from 17 € per person. The bride or groom play with us free of charge.

JGA City Adventures in Kaiserslautern

Since most weddings take place in the summer, an outdoor event under the stars is the perfect option for the bachelor party. A City Adventurethat leads you through Kaiserslautern guarantees a lot of fun and action.

Our interactive City Adventures differ from a conventional city tour of Kaiserslautern thanks to the varied challenges and surprises. Thus, every sightseeing becomes an active gaming experience. At the same time, you will get to know the city better and develop your team skills and creativity.

At the beginning, you will be equipped with an iPad that you will use to navigate to each station. Once there, entertaining tasks and puzzles await you, which you have to solve together as a team.

As a rule, you will reach your destination after about 90 to 120 minutes. At the end of the City Adventure, each participant receives a photo as a souvenir of an unforgettable JGA. This way, every bachelor party in Kaiserslautern will be a particularly exciting team experience that you will remember forever.

Escape Rooms for bachelor party

In addition to City Adventures, Escape Rooms are becoming increasingly popular as a special event for the JGA. TeamEscape offers you and your friends the opportunity to dive into a foreign world for an hour and to crack exciting puzzles in movie-like settings.

In our varied Escape Rooms you can expect a unique bachelor party of a special kind. Solve a mysterious crime, save the world from nuclear extinction or go on a ghost hunt. No matter which Escape Room you choose, fun and excitement are guaranteed. Together you’ll have to complete different missions, search for clues and solve puzzles to escape from the Escape Room at the end. You can only complete the tasks as a team, because teamwork, thinking skills and logic are required from each player.

Book an unforgettable bachelor party

Experience a unique bachelor party in Kaiserslautern with TeamEscape. Whether you’re celebrating in large groups or just have a handful of friends with you, we have JGAs for every size. Our Escape Rooms are ideal for up to 6 players and offer an hour of unforgettable fun. Our City Adventures are also suitable for larger groups.

Our indoor and outdoor events are the perfect way to spend a bachelor party together with your best friends or girlfriends. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Then book your JGA event in Kaiserslautern and experience an adventure you won’t soon forget.