Your mission

You have already made a name for yourselves in the region with your legendary bank robberies in recent months. But something went wrong during your last raid. Now you are sitting in Fuhlsbüttel Prison - called Santa Fu. There were several outbreaks there in the 1970s, and the newspapers ran the headline "Santa Fu and out you go." Even today, convicts hope to escape from the asylum: Mike Smith, known as "The Snake," and Joe Jackson, known as "The Eagle," have reportedly been preparing the perfect escape from their cells for some time. At least, that is what is murmured among the other fellow inmates. But rumors spread quickly in the penitentiary: to be on the safe side, an internal cell transfer was ordered. By chance and to your luck, this transfer lands you in the former cells of Snake and Eagle. Will you succeed in adopting their plan?

As convicts, put Snake and Eagle's as-yet-unfinished escape plan into action and escape from prison! However, you have little time left. Every hour, the guard conscientiously makes his rounds. Can you make it to freedom in just 60 minutes?

"Perfect Versus Game": play two identical rooms at the same time and share your game experience without revealing anything about a room the other group doesn't know. To do this, simply book room A and room B at the same time.

  • 4-6 Players
  • about 60 minutes
  • From 26 € p.p.
  • Suspense