Your mission

He comes closer and closer. In an hour, the asteroid will be too close to Earth, the impact inevitable. All hope rests on the turbo spaceship. And to you. Because you are the crew of the high-tech machine. But out there you are on your own, only the talking on-board computer can help. Get the engines ready, fight your way through the dangers of space and blow up the asteroid. The thoughts of all humanity are centered on your brave souls. May we all have a happy ending in this mission. Ascend to higher spheres for an hour in the Space Escape Escape room. Feel like you're in Star Wars, Star Trek or Apollo 13 aboard the Spaceship. Flashing gauges, levers, buttons, get the spaceship under control and show that you're not Lost in Space. Your Room Escape mission: Save the world with your spaceship!

  • 2-6 Players
  • about 60 minutes
  • From 19 € p.p.
  • Adventure