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Mit unseren Gutscheinen kannst du ganz flexibel sein - entweder als Geschenk oder für dich selbst. Die Gutscheine sind 3 Jahre gültig, flexibel einsetzbar und auf andere Personen übertragbar.

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Of course, you can also have a great gaming experience with us with more than 6 people. Since our rooms are usually designed for a maximum of 6 or 7 people, you simply book several rooms at the same time and play them against each other. The one who escapes first wins!

The concept of TeamEscape is explicitly aimed at adult women and men who are curious and have not lost or want to rediscover the child in themselves. TeamEscape is also aimed at both young and older adults in terms of the puzzles and room design.

However, children under the age of 14 with a pronounced curiosity and a good sense of intuition are just as welcome in the company of adults and will have fun with TeamEscape!

Changing the number of people later is usually not a problem. Please let your gamemaster know that you are coming with more or less people. Please note that you will not exceed or fall below the maximum and minimum capacity of your booked game. The price is of course adjusted to the actual number of people.

Our prices may vary depending on location. To find out the exact prices of your desired location, check the respective city’s “tickets page”.

Our cancellation terms are as individual as our locations. Therefore, it is best to check the “ticket page” of your city to see how cancellation is regulated there.

TeamEscape is already present in many cities worldwide and new locations are added regularly. You can find a current list under Tickets.

Definitely not. Even though TeamEscape allows itself a certain claim and the success rate is not 100%, this does not mean that everyone cannot participate. First, the focus should be on having fun during the group experience, not on the outcome at the end. Second, TeamEscape is about the skills of the entire group. Due to the diverse and different tasks, each team member can contribute meaningfully and make his or her contribution to the group’s success. And if all efforts don’t help, our gamemasters will provide little food for thought and hints at the appropriate places and times.

Unless otherwise specified, 2-6 people can register per room. Depending on the space available, a corresponding number of rooms can be booked in parallel or directly behind each other, so that even larger groups can play with us. In general, although it proves more difficult for 2 people to solve everything, it is by no means impossible and each individual must of course become more active. As the number of participants increases, so does the group dynamic. Necessary communication and coordination bring an additional challenge to the game and in this way lead to more liveliness and entertainment.

No. The rooms differ significantly in terms of content and visual design, and the puzzles and tasks are different, but – unless otherwise stated – the level of difficulty of our rooms is the same.

Then you will probably have to cancel all further appointments and stay in the room forever. No – all joking aside – you will of course only be symbolically “locked in” and the fun during the experience should be the focus without exception. So don’t worry, with us there are therefore no losers, even if you can’t escape within the 60 minutes. Besides, maybe it will work next time or in another room.

The most important and only thing you should bring with you is anticipation and a good mood. Wear comfortable clothes that you feel good in. Those who enjoy dressing up are of course also very welcome to appear in creative outfits à la Sherlock Holmes.

Even though TeamEscape primarily addresses and tests the participants’ intellect and ingenuity, smaller physical activities are not left out. Be it for finding hidden objects or for combining individual parts. In addition, acoustic signals or indications as well as light and brightness changes can be part of a room. Therefore, it is advisable to have at least one person in the group who can take over these tasks. Unfortunately, most of our locations can only be reached via stairs and are therefore not barrier-free. For our business expansion, we try to avoid such obstacles. Please let us know if you have any special requirements. It is very important to us to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone who is interested.

As a rule, “No.” When a group is “locked” in a room, the last thing we want is for the participants to feel anxious, cramped, or even scare them. On the contrary, the group should be able to leave everyday life behind and feel completely at ease in a lavishly detailed room. However, there are also rooms that intend to do just the opposite and offer as a scary or horror concept for that extra adrenaline rush. These rooms can be recognized by an addition “FSK 14+/16+ or 18+”.

You are looking for an unforgettable gift, but you only have a little time left? vouchers from TeamEscape offer you the perfect package: Give away “shared experience” instead of just material items and directly for any size of group. The representative voucher will be sent to you directly by mail in a design specially tailored for self-printing (so you save the environment on top of that). You can find the vouchers on the respective city pages. They are also always city-specific, but a 2 person voucher can be used for example. also with a 4 person booking can be easily offset online during the ordering process. However, overdue amounts are forfeited.

No problem, use our contact form and send us your question(s). We will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.