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The Live Escape Game in Oslo

Whether it is that special evening with friends, team building with colleagues or maybe even a first date; TeamEscape is a unique group activity for family, friends, colleagues or people that just want to get to know each other better. The adventure begins after a short introduction by your groups personal game master. You and your team have accepted the challenge to escape from a real live room within 60 minutes. You will discover and combine hidden clues, and solve riddles as you become part of a thrilling story!

Oslo - Wessels gate
Wessels gate 4a | 0165 Oslo

2-6 Players: Mr Nobody
The Gallery
2-5 Players: The Kidnapping
7-17 Players: Please book several rooms at the same time
18-29 Players: At both locations possible on request

Oslo - Hegdehaugsveien
Hegdehaugsveien 21b | 0352 Oslo

2-6 Players: The Missing Diamond
3-6 Players: The Murder at the Café

7-12 Players: Please book several rooms at the same time
13-29 Spieler: At both locations possible on request

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2 persons

Kr. 449 p.p.

  • 898 Kr.

3 persons

Kr. 375 p.p.

  • 1125 Kr.

4 persons

Kr. 349 p.p.

  • 1396 Kr.

5 persons

Kr. 345 p.p.

  • 1725 Kr.

6 persons

Kr. 339 p.p.

  • 2034 Kr.

7 - 12 persons

Kr. 329 - 375 p.p.

  • 2625 - 3948 Kr.