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The Room Escape Game in Hamburg

Whether it is that special evening with friends, team building with colleagues or maybe even a first date; TeamEscape is a unique group activity for family, friends, colleagues

or people that just want to get to know each other better. The adventure begins after a short introduction by your groups personal game master. You and your team

have accepted the challenge to escape from a real live room within 60 minutes. You will discover and combine hidden clues, and solve riddles as you become part of a thrilling story!

The gallery

Your band of infamous art thieves has been given a hot lead that Captain Joe Parker, a passionate art collector and rumored pirate, has brought a priceless piece of art collected on one of his numerous voyages, to Hamburg. Word is, that his private gallery holds this and many other treasures. As chance has it, Captain Parker is currently out to sea, leaving his gallery unguarded. Can you get access to the gallery, find out what the captain is hiding and make it yours?
Can your group of 2 to 6 master thieves pull the perfect heist? Make Captain Parker’s treasure yours but beware, the captain is soon to return and you can be sure that you are not the only band of thieves on the treasure trail. Cast off, the clock is ticking!
(The escape room „The Gallery“ is also available in Cologne, Munich and Oslo)

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The kidnapping

The world is being threatened by a terrorist organization with a deadly contagion. The renowned Hamburg scientist Dr. Aron Hofman has been working to create an antiserum; however, he has disappeared under mysterious circumstances prior to making his findings public. Intelligence suggests that Dr. Hofman has been kidnapped by that same organization in order to prevent him from completing his formula.
Your group of 2 to 6 secret agents managed to gain access to the apartment of the suspected ring leader of the kidnapping plot. Here you will look for clues that hopefully lead to the whereabouts of the missing scientist. But hurry, the faith of the world and that of Dr. Hofman is in your hands. Who knows how long the kidnappers will spare him.
(The escape room „The Kidnapping“ is also available in Berlin and Düsseldorf under the name „The State Secret“)

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The hofman formula

A terrorist group is threatening to release a pandemic of untold proportions upon humanity. The renowned Hamburg scientist Dr. Aron Hofman is said to have been very close to discovering the formula for an antiserum when he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Intelligence suggests that Dr. Hofman was the victim of a planned kidnapping. The investigation is underway. But too much is at stake, you cannot wait and hope that the doctor is found before the terrorists’ ultimatum runs out.
Your group of 2 to 6 scientists has gained access to Dr. Hofman’s private laboratory. There you will search for the finished antiserum or complete his formula to save mankind.
(The escape room „The Hofman Formula“ is also available in Düsseldorf and Munich)

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Number of players per game

Up to 6 players per room:

Up to 18 players possible,

spread on three rooms.

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One gamemaster per group

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We are located in the heart of the city of Hamburg. Only 5 minutes by foot from Hamburg Central Station which is a hub for busses, subways and trains.  Due to congestion around the city center we recommend the use of public transportation.

If you are coming by car either use the parking facility right next door to us in the Bremer Reihe or the car park on Borgesch 1  (fees apply).

If you are looking for an activity prior or after your visit with us, there are variety of restaurants, cafés and bars located in our direct viscinity.