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With teamwork to success

Do you want to increase your team’s productivity and collaboration or foster teamwork and creative thinking? In this case, Escape Rooms and City Adventures are perfect team-building activities, because they not only provide a change from the daily work routine, but also strengthen team spirit.

Our Escape Games require the use of logical thinking, teamwork as well as problem solving skills and thus train skills that are essential in the profession. The team is encouraged to cooperate and think creatively as they solve the puzzles. In addition, our games provide fun and excitement, which has a positive effect on the working atmosphere.

TeamEscape offers with varied Escape Rooms and interactive City Adventures extraordinary events for a teambuilding, which not only provide for good mood, but also improve the efficiency of the team in a playful way.

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Escape rooms for team building

The game principle of an Escape Room is always the same: the team is locked in a room and has 60 minutes to escape by solving complex tasks. Due to the time pressure, the team learns to keep a cool head even in stressful situations. Some puzzles can only be solved through collaboration, idea sharing and communication. An Escape Room is therefore an excellent teambuilding activity.

The various tasks of an Escape Room also require all the talents and strengths of the players. If, in the end, the solution is achieved through successful teamwork, the shared success can shape the feeling of togetherness and have a positive effect on cooperation in the office.

Virtual Teambuilding with Online Escape Games

As the working world is becoming more and more digital and virtual meetings often take place, we have developed our Online Escape Rooms especially for virtual teambuilding events. These are in no way inferior to traditional Escape Rooms and, despite the distance, strengthen the sense of unity and communication within the team.

With our online Escape Rooms, we bring you and your colleagues together without you having to be in the same place. All you need is a PC or laptop with an Internet connection to connect digitally. In the online version, too, you have to find clues and solve challenging puzzles to complete the mission in the end. However, there is no time limit.

TeamEscape’s online Escape Rooms are the perfect solution for experiencing a collaborative team building event during home office hours.

City Adventures in Saarbrücken as a teambuilding activity

Our City Adventures through Saarbrücken also offer the ideal conditions for teambuilding. Look forward to an adventure together in the fresh air and face creative challenges that will weld you together. In multiplayer mode, even several teams can compete against each other, so that even larger groups can participate in our teambuilding events.

Whether indoor or outdoor, our team building events give you the opportunity to strengthen your team’s cooperation as well as creative thinking and the sense of togetherness. Experience our innovative team building activities full of fun and excitement, which will be remembered by all participants for a long time.