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Mit unseren Gutscheinen kannst du ganz flexibel sein - entweder als Geschenk oder für dich selbst. Die Gutscheine sind 3 Jahre gültig, flexibel einsetzbar und auf andere Personen übertragbar.

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Whether bachelor party, company party, team building or birthday: We have the right package for every occasion.

For companies

Perfect for companies

Virtual team events & corporate parties

The next online meeting from the home office is coming up and you are still looking for a digital team event? Dive into a new exciting digital world with your teams and our Online Escape Games to promote team building and communication. With our Online Escape Games, we turn your video conference into an extraordinary team event!

Christmas parties can also take place differently than usual – digitally and yet together! With our virtual online Escape Game Challenge you strengthen the team spirit despite home office and enter into a common dialogue. Make your Christmas party a real highlight!

Perfect for companies

Virtual Christmas Parties

For large groups

Perfect for large groups

Virtual birthday parties

Want to host a virtual birthday party that all your loved ones can attend, no matter where they are? Our online Escape Games are the perfect way to bring together all the revelers across cities and even country borders for an entertaining party game.

You are still looking for a virtual highlight for your bachelor party? Whether you are in the same location or participants are joining the game from different locations, there is something for every group in our Online Escape Games. Puzzle your way live through the retro game show ‘Alter Falter’, go to the golden twenties, fly to Mars, …!

Perfect for large groups

Virtual bachelorette parties

For families & children

Perfect for Family & Kids

Online game nights for families

Game night with the family is a great tradition. But what to do if the family is spread all over Germany or even the globe? We have the solution: Try a virtual game night! In our Online Escape Games you go on exciting missions together and stay in contact virtually.

Are you a school class or youth group looking for a team event that you can network online or play together from the classroom? Our online Escape Games offer you numerous exciting missions in which – depending on the game – you can compete against each other in small groups or work together to achieve a major goal.

Perfect for Family & Kids

Virtual school trips

Perfect for Family & Kids

Virtual children birthdays

Are you looking for a very special game highlight for your children’s birthday party? Then enter the world of online escape games! Here you will be sent on a joint search for the missing farm dog Melody and will have to do some real detective work to solve this tricky case.

Ideal for corporate team building

You want to have a unique online team event? Then our Online Escape Game Berliner Beute or the Live Games Show Alter Falter! is just the right thing for you!

Dive together into the world of the Escape Room and solve the exciting puzzles and tasks that will be set for you. Playing together you will grow together as detectives and strengthen your team spirit. Or play against each other in a games show individualized for you and put your knowledge to the test. In this fast-paced and funny moderated show, there is something for every candidate.

The online team events are playable from anywhere in the world.

location-independent – high capacity – individual scheduling

Puzzle fun and team building in one

The online Escape Room is not only a great digital team event, but also brings you together as a team even more. In small subgroups you have to face the puzzles of the Escape Room and find out the solution. Communication with each other as well as teamwork will be strengthened and you will be welded together as a team.

Each for themselves and yet together

In the game show, each person plays for himself and tries to fight his way to the top with knowledge and speed. During the show, all participants can network via a video conferencing tool to share and exchange ideas. The host Walter Waghals will wrap you around his finger with his charm and make the event a very special one.

This is how the Online Escape Game works

How do we play the Online Escape Game in a team?

All you need for the online team event Berliner Beute is your team and laptops with internet access. All participants can attend from the comfort of their own home. In a virtual group room you will be introduced to the story by our moderator. Afterwards, you will divide into subgroups of 2-5 participants each. Each group has 20 minutes in 3 puzzle rounds to solve the puzzle of the online Escape Room. All in all, your team is in for 90 minutes of pure puzzle fun. The group that finds the secret the fastest will be crowned the winning team at the end.

Is the game suitable for any team size?

The Online Escape Game Berlin Loot is playable for any team. No matter if you are 10 or 1000 employees – with the Online Escape Rooms a unique team experience is guaranteed. Upon request, we will be happy to customize the game to your individual team size. Just send us a message.

This is how the Online Game Show works

How do we play the game show?

In 120 minutes from the couch at home to solve the tricky games and Questions presented by moderator Walter Waghals LIVE from his studio to solve, earn points and place you as the winner!
For a smooth game, all participants need a terminal on which you can play Youtube and a smartphone.
In a virtual Zoom group room you can network with each other and be switched live to Walter Waghals’ studio. Who on end has scored the most points through knowledge and speed, will be was chosen as the winner of the show.

Is the show suitable for any team size?

The individualized game show is available from a group size of 25 people playable. Are you less people and still want an exclusive Show only for your team, feel free to write us a message.