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„A Live Escape Game takes over the world.“

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TeamEscape – THE World’s Greatest Live Escape Game

Break the routine: One room. One Team. One Challenge. Just you and your teammates are entering a race against time. Find hidden objects and hints, combine them, and solve riddles and puzzles. All of this for only one goal: escape the room! Make use of your mind, teamwork and ingenuity to uncover the mystery of the room.

TeamEscape – Live Room Escape Game

Teams of 2 or more persons …

… in a race against time …

… look for hints and follow the traces …

...find pieces of a puzzle and hidden objects...

… spot connections and uncover the secret …

… open the locked door and escape!

Real Escapers play TeamEscape

  • Puzzles, fun & excitement beyond your imagination. Become part of the story. Discover & combine hidden items. Uncover the mystery, solve the case, sneak out or save the world!
  • After 15 minutes of individual introduction the game begins: accept the challenge as a team to escape a real room in 60 minutes.
  • Different rooms and themes in more and more locations world wide.
  • Teams of 2-48 members together or against each other.
  • Available in local language and English .

WHO is TeamEscape for?

  • Family and friends *

  • Amateur detectives and unusual (first) dates 

  • Students and trendsetters who are looking for new challenges 

  • Teambuilding for companies and work groups or a quick company outing

* Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult



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"An extraordinary, thrilling, experience - you immediately lose yourself in the quest as the excellent puzzles unfold. I really enjoyed the whole experience, and would highly recommend it."

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play TeamEscape?

TeamEscape is available in many cities around the world and new locations are opening constantly. You can find all current locations under Booking. If no location is available in your area, combine your trip to TeamEscape with your next city visit or open your own TeamEscape store in your region (for more information, see Franchise).

TeamEscape? I still don’t get it, why should I book?

We deliberately held back some information. This section should provide you with some more information by giving away some of TeamEscape’s secrets. But believe us, the less you know about TeamEscape, the better the experience. We recommend: Try it – solve it – love it!

Am I too old for this game?

TeamEscape’s concept is directed towards adults who are curious enough to set their inner child free regardless of profession and background. Also the puzzles’ and rooms’ levels are intended for adults of all ages. Children and adolescents with strong curiosity and good intuition under the age of 14 years and accompanied by adults are welcome and will have just as much fun at TeamEscape!

Do I need an IQ of 140 or beyond to solve the mysteries and puzzles?

Definitely not. Even though TeamEscape challenges your brainwork and team thinking and the success rate is not 100%, the concept is designed for everybody no matter what her or his IQ or profession is. First of all, TeamEscape focuses on the fun during the team experience. Secondly, skills and abilities across the group are central. At TeamEscape there are neither lonely heroes nor desolate fighters. Because of the different and diverse challenges and tasks, every member of the group can make her or his contribution to achieving the group success. Additionally, our Gamemasters will provide you with a few hints at the right time if required.

What is the optimal size of a group?

If not mentioned otherwise, there can be 2-6 people per room. Depending on the available number, multiple rooms can be booked parallel or consecutively, so larger groups can split up and play against each other. Although the rooms’ themes are different, a competition is possible - next time the groups could switch rooms. In general, smaller groups will find it harder to succeed, but it is not impossible at all. Group dynamics rise by increasing the number of participants. Essential communication and coordination give more experience to the game and increase more agility and entertainment. Therefore, we recommend an optimal group size of 4-5 participants.

Does the level of difficulty differ from room to room?

There is a clear distinction about the rooms in content and optical design. However, the level of difficulty of the puzzles and tasks does not differ.

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Any questions?

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