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Live Escape Games offered in Düsseldorf

Whether it is that special evening with friends, team building with colleagues or maybe even a first date; TeamEscape is a unique group activity for family, friends, colleagues

or people that just want to get to know each other better. The adventure begins after a short introduction by your groups personal game master. You and your team

have accepted the challenge to escape from a real live room within 60 minutes. You will discover and combine hidden clues, and solve riddles as you become part of a thrilling story!

The hofman formula

An unknown virus threatens the humanity. The number of infections is rising and a mass panic inevitable. The leading scientist and virologist Prof. Dr. Lukas Hofman seems to discover a life-saving serum before he suddenly disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It is assumed that this is a targeted kidnapping. Investigations are ongoing.

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The state secret

A worldwide pandemic seems to be unstoppable and has infected the majority of the world’s population. An important scientist and virologist disappeared, just before his publication of a promising serum. It seems that secret government agencies are involved in this kidnapping.

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The Hofman formula versus The state secret

In a versus game, 8 - 13 people – split into 2 teams – compete against each other and try to reveal the room´s secret before the other team does. You book both rooms, named above, for the same point of time and you can split into teams at your arrival here.

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The Twilight of the Gods

Deep down in the tropical forest your expedition team discovers a small, desolate settlement. All traces lead to the assumption that the village has been suddenly abandoned a long time ago and that you are not the first ones to have made your way to this place. Despite of the warnings, your team still decides to stay and all of a sudden mysterious incidents start to occur…

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Number of players per game

Up to 7 players per room

Versus mode 8 – 13 players possible,

spread on two rooms.

Offered languages




One gamemaster per group

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Comfortable booking by the help of a calendar

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TeamEscape Düsseldorf
Alexanderstraße 31
40210 Düsseldorf



Public Transport

From Düsseldorf main station (6 minutes)

  • Every Subway/Metro (except line U70) direction Heinrich-Heine-Allee
    • Lines: U74 / U75 / U76 / U77 / U78 / U79 (except line U70)
    • to station „Oststraße“, then walk about 5 minutes via Oststraße to Alexanderstraße 31
    • OR to station „Steinstraße/Königsallee“, then walk about 5 minutes via „Berliner Allee“ to Alexanderstraße 31
  • Tramway 719 / 709
    • to station „Berliner Allee“
    • then about 4 minutes via „Oststraße“ or „Berliner-Allee“ to „Alexanderstraße 31“

Footpath (10 minutes) from Düsseldorf main station:

  • Leave the main entrance to the left
  • Go straight ahead via Worringer-Straße across Stresemannplatz, forward on Graf-Adolf-Straße
  • Turn right into Bahnstraße
  • At the following  crossroad walk into Alexanderstraße (diagonally opposite)

Parking Facilities

  • Q-Park at Stilwerk (Grünstraße 15)
  • Parkcenter Kö (Stresemannstraße 8)
  • APCOA Car Park „Kö-Galerie“ (Königsallee 60)
  • Metered street parking on Alexanderstraße / Attention: ONE WAY STREET !

Because of our central location in the heart of Düsseldorf we recommend to use public transports.