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Mit unseren Gutscheinen kannst du ganz flexibel sein - entweder als Geschenk oder für dich selbst. Die Gutscheine sind 3 Jahre gültig, flexibel einsetzbar und auf andere Personen übertragbar.

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You are looking for a special gift for a special person or directly for the whole family? Christmas or a birthday come again faster than expected? Then you’ve come to the right place. In just a few moments you can have a unique gift in your hands. Select voucher, print PDF, give joy.

Escape Rooms - the perfect gift for puzzle lovers

Our gift certificates can be redeemed for any of our 8 Escape Rooms. The person receiving the gift is free to choose: for example, should it be more of an adventure in outer space for you, or would you prefer an investigation in the home of a serial offender?

Each of our Escape Rooms is unique and offers challenging puzzles for young and old, a lovingly designed setting and an exciting story. The goal is to find clues and crack puzzles as a team in order to successfully exit the room after 60 minutes at the latest. Logical thinking, the ability to work in a team and ambition are required to meet this challenge.

A gift certificate for an Escape Room is the ideal gift idea for puzzle lovers of all ages and will make any birthday or Christmas party an unforgettable experience. At the end, each participant gets a team photo, so that the experience will be remembered for a long time.

City Adventures - adventure as a gift

In addition to Escape Rooms, our gift certificates also include City Adventures included. Especially for people who are looking for an adventurous outdoor adventure, this is the perfect gift idea.

During a scavenger hunt through Cologne you will get to know the capital in an exciting way. Equipped with an iPad, take on tricky challenges that are not only fun, but also promote teamwork and communication.

Give your friends or family an extraordinary gift. Captivating puzzles and fun are guaranteed!

Give the gift of an unforgettable experience

You still need an extraordinary gift for a special person? A birthday is just around the corner or you’re still looking for Christmas presents? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Buy a gift voucher for an Escape Room or a City Adventure through Cologne online and receive it immediately as a PDF via email! All you have to do is print it out and give it away. In this way, in just a few moments, you will receive a unique gift that is guaranteed to please others.

Our gift vouchers are the best solution if you still need a special gift idea at short notice.