Your mission

Embark on a discovery and game tour across your city in this interactive tablet rally. By GPS you navigate to interesting spots and have to master various challenges through creativity, communication, but also strategy and speed. The team adventure runs on time. But it's not speed alone that decides who wins in the end, but also your score. Your interactive Team Adventure can begin. Equipped with an iPad, you'll have to solve fun photo challenges and tricky puzzles. Navigate your way to the individual task spots across the city with tactics and a lot of fun. Divided into several teams, you play in Battle mode (at least 2 groups) against each other and against time. Solve the various puzzles and tasks as you make your way through the city to earn as many points as possible and secure a spot on the leaderboard! Only those who are creative, show humor and jump over their own shadow for first place will collect the most points with their team and can emerge as the winner. As a special, you will also receive all the photos taken as a digital souvenir of your fun experience! Teamwork is the name of the game here. This City Adventure is especially suitable for bachelor parties, birthdays and team events.

  • 2-6 Players
  • about 120 minutes
  • Package price
  • Discovery