Your mission

Since the Art Loss Registry has been in place, it has become difficult to sell stolen art for a profit. But there is already a buyer for this masterpiece. That's why "the master" hires you for an art heist. He himself is already on too many lists and therefore cannot take action himself. As newcomers in the tough business of art napping, you'll first have to convince the team around the master of your abilities before you can get down to business and steal the painting. It seems to you that the tasks do not all make sense - whether there is a false game being played here? Convince the master and accomplices of your abilities and prepare for the heist. Your decrypted information will help you break in - maybe. Puzzle your way through the city with our new outdoor game, pass the entrance test and call yourself "master thief" at the end.

  • 1-30 Players
  • about 120 minutes
  • Package price
  • Crime / Suspense