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Here you will find no only everything worth knowing about the history of TeamEscape®, our mission and press kits, but also information about job and franchisee opportunities.

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Making a shared experience unforgettable and escaping the daily routine. That is our promise.“


Unforgettable: At TeamEscape® it is our continuing mission

to develop an unforgettable experience and a memory,

that you will talk about for a long time to come.





Out with the daily grind: At TeamEscape® we kidnap you and transport you to other worlds. You not only forget about the daily routine, but subsequently see the world with different eyes – suddenly puzzles, codes and clues are lurking everywhere.


Many locations
worldwide but
everywhere a
personal experience.

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job in the world


Being a Gamemaster is a really exciting experience. What I especially love about “Gamemastering” is that I can see how, through the duration of a game, the participants grow together into a team. If they have cracked the first codes together they develop a collective understanding of the room and the things in it. The establish a 'help one another' attitude and find the hidden clues. The groups forget the time and everything around them and dive into the new world of the room. That is really something that you don't get to see everyday."

Ingrid · Gamemaster from Oslo

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You want to inspire your readers, listeners and audience with good stories – We have one to tell. Find info-material, opinions, photos/pictures and much more soon here. Don't hesitate to contact us – we don't bite.


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You also want to become a part of TeamEscape® history and open your very own Live Escape Game in your city? You are looking for a professional environment, an experienced partner and want to shape the entertainment market in the long-term? Then TeamEscape® can offer you the perfect start in a strong network.

Long-term head start
through the TeamEscape®
trade mark and concept.

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An optimized business plan guarantees a simple start with your own location. Even the creation of numerous branches could be realized in a short time period, using these means. Develop your own ideas and live your creativity to the fullest and/or directly access proven room concepts. There are ample development opportunities to suit you. We will support you through the implementation phase in order to assure long-term success.

As a professional franchise company TeamEscape® can take full advantage of its leading edge in experience and the inherent synergistic effect to help you provide your guests with an individual and unforgettable experience.

Lastly our carefully selected network of franchise partners are the key to long term success and a means with which to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing market.

Feel free to contact us with a serious interest, name your chosen location and convince us that you have what it takes to join TeamEscape®. In return you will receive all the details and requirements from TeamEscape® and our franchise system.

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TeamEscape® arose from the idea to break conventions. Still today a shared and unforgettable experience remains our main focus. Now, together with our partners, we want to become an enduring symbol in the German entertainment market.“

Fabian Hecht · Founder
and CEO of TeamEscape®


Our guests are not the only ones who must overcome challenges by combining there individual strengths. The same applies to all network partners, in order to develop and improve the TeamEscape® brand. The combination of many vastly different abilities and experience backgrounds is an enormous help in this very young and dynamic market.”

Philip Dabrowski · Director
TeamEscape® Hamburg

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