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We would like to play with more than 6 people. Is that possible?

Certainly. We are also able to provide an amazing game experience for groups larger than 6 people. Our rooms are designed for maximum of 6 or 7 people, so simply book two or more rooms at the same time and play against echother. Whoever escapes first wins!

Can I change the number of participants after the booking? Do I then still need to pay the old price?

Usually it’s not a problem to change the number of people. Please give your Gamemaster a short notice that you are now more or less people. Please bear in mind that you do not exceed or fall below the maximum and minimum capacity of your booked game. The price adapts to the actual number of people.

How much costs TeamEscape?

Our prices vary depending on the choosen location. To know the exact prices of your desired location, have a look at the respective "tickets-page" of the city.

What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is as individual as our locations. Have a look at the respective "tickets-page" of the choosen city how the cancellation is regulated there.

Where can I play TeamEscape?

Team Escape is already represented in many cities around the world and we are constantly crowing. You find a current list of all locations under Tickets.

Am I too old for this game?

Of course not! Team Escape offers you cross-generational experiences that bring people together. Our theme rooms are geared to groups of all ages, backgrounds and every intellect. Fun and educational value for the younger ones - engrossing and challenging for the elderly.

Do I need an IQ of 140 in order to escape?

Certainly not. Although Team Escape is challenging and the success rate is not 100%, this doesn’t mean that not everyone can participate. The most important thing is that you have fun and not the result at the end. Furthermore, TeamEscape focus on the capabilities of the entire group. Because of the diverse and different tasks, each team member can be useful and contribute to the group success. And if all efforts should not help: Our Gamemasters are there to help you.

What is the perfect group size?

Unless otherwise indicated, 2-6 persons can play per room. Depending on the rooms offered you can either book the rooms simultaneously or consecutively, so that even larger groups can play together. In general, it’s proving to be more difficult to solve everything for 2 people, but it is by no means impossible, and of course everyone needs to be more active. As the number of participants increases the group dynamics. Communication and coordination within the group bring an additional challenge to the mix and lead to more vividness and entertainment.

Do the rooms differ in terms of difficulty?

No. Although the rooms vary significantly in terms of content and visual design and the puzzles and tasks are different, the difficulty of our rooms are - unless otherwise stated - the same.

What happens, if the group can’t escape within 60 minutes?

Then you will probably have to cancel all other appointments and remain forever in our room. No - jokes aside – of course you will only symbolically be "locked up" and the fun during the experience should always come first. So do not worry, there are no losers at TeamEscape, even if you cannot escape within 60 minutes. In addition, it probably will work next time or in another room.

Do I need to think about something before visiting TeamEscape?

The most important and only thing that should bring are anticipation and a good mood. Wear comfy clothes in which you are comfortable. Those who enjoy dressing up, can of course wear creative outfit à la Sherlock Holmes.

I’m physically handicapped, can I participate anyhow?

Although Team Escape primarily challenges the mind and imagination of the participants, smaller physical activities are inevitable. For example, for finding hidden objects or for combining individual parts. In addition, acoustic signals or indications as well as light and brightness changes may be part of a room. Therefore, it is advisable to have at least one person in the group who can take over these tasks. Unfortunately, most of our locations are only reached by stairs and therefore not accessible. For our business expansion, we are trying to avoid such obstacles. Please let us know if you have special requirements. It is very important to us to give any interested party an unforgettable experience.

Is TeamEscape scary?

Usually "No". If a group is "locked up" into a room, the last thing we want is to frighten the participants, that they feel cramped or even frightened. On the contrary our complex and detailed designed rooms should help the group to leave everyday life behind and feel completely at ease. But some rooms are labelled with "PG 14+/16+/18+". These rooms are adrenalin challenges with scary and horror themes - definitely not for the faint-hearted.

You have a question concerning our vouchers?

You’re looking for a memorable gift, but are in a hurry? Vouchers from TeamEscape offer you the perfect package: Give away "shared experience" rather than just material objects and directly for your desired group size. The representative voucher is designed for self-printing and will be sent to you via email (on top it saves the environment). In addition, it already contains a first puzzle. The coupons can be found on the respective city pages. Although they are always city-bound, a 2-person-voucher can easily be redeemed eg. with a 4-persons-booking when ordering online. However overdue amounts forfeited.

More questions?

No problem, use our contact form and send us your question(s). We will contact you as soon as possible.

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