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What to do in Aachen?

The gate of fortune...

Ponttor:  The gate called “Ponttor” in Aachen has a long history. It´s the start for visitor and migrates to enter the city center since 1320. The proximity to the university makes the gateway to the heart of the student nightlife. The gateway is the beginning of the “Pontstraße”, the Mecca for students. Come and enjoy a good cozy atmosphere. More information can be found here

Welcome to the jungle...

Aachener Tierpark: The Park is located in the beautiful regional Water Conservation Area "Drimborner Wäldchen". The "Aachener Tierpark" is a home for more than 1,700 animals. From tiny exotic birds to huge Asian Camels and selected western European animals, the park has a colourful variety of interesting inhabitants. The park is ideal for school trips, group trips and families. Prices and availability can be found here

What to do in Aachen on rainy days.

Glitter and sparkly times in history...

Die Aachener Domschatzkammer: The Aachen Cathedral Treasury contains one of Europe’s most significant church treasuries, a unique collection of precious objects from the history of the Aachen Cathedral. Opening times and prices can be found here

Warhol says hi...

Ludwig Forum Aachen: Classics of Pop Art, Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz, Graffiti Art and Leipzig School all in one museum. Get a ticket for the Forum in Aachen, you will not regret it. Upcoming events and more information can be found here

Food and drinks in Aachen.

Burn after eating...

Burgermanufaktur in Aachen: If you are looking for the best burger place in Aachen, you should definitely visit “The Burgermanufaktur” on Pontstraße. Enjoy the home made burgers and salads in a cozy atmosphere. There is a burger for meat lovers, vegetarians and fries fans. The menu and opening times can be found here

Good morning, Vietnam...

"Pho Saigon Street Food": Culinary explorers are lucky if they have found a free seat. The ones, who are brave enough to sit down and order, will get something to eat, what they have not tasted before. It is authentic Vietnamese street food with a difference. Let yourself in for it and you will not regret it. More information can be found here

Overnight in Aachen.

Simply the best...

Hostel Aachen: You don´t need much but want a safe hostel in the center of Aachen? You will do little wrong with hostel Aachen. A nice place to stay for one or two nights with your friends and family. You have the chance to meet new people and sleep in cozy beds. Find more about it here

Feel like a king...

Hotel drei Könige: A good choice to have an amazing time in Aachen is the the “Hotel drei Könige”. You are in the center of Aachen directly at the main market and the cathedral. The house is ideal for individuals and weekend trips. Prices and availability can be found here

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